Orchard Global Capital Group Pte. Ltd.


OGAM focuses on global structured investment opportunities where the senior investment team members were original or prominent market participants. Through our flagship  multi-strategy credit opportunity fund, OGAM currently invests in four principal credit strategies and will rotate among these strategies as the market dictates. OGAM also manages certain of these scalable opportunities in single strategy funds.

Investments are disciplined by an emphasis on consistent risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation across market cycles.  Limiting the use of leverage, undertaking our own credit analysis and conducting intensive due diligence, we focus on long-term fundamental value with the objective of providing consistent alpha, low volatility and superior risk-reward for our clients.  

OGAM focuses on credit and fixed income opportunities where we see superior fundamental value.  OGAM currently invests in four principal credit strategies  through a commingled multi-strategy fund and single strategy funds or structured vehicles and will rotate among these strategies as market conditions warrant:

  • Financial institution regulatory capital solutions focusing on institutions’ core credit and lending businesses 
  • Primary and secondary structured financing opportunities that provide current cash flow and fixed income trading opportunities
  • Structured lending centered on collateralized or secured financing arrangements (bilateral or with other strategic partners/lenders/originators)
  • Middle markets direct lending exposure (bilateral or with other strategic partners/lenders/originators)

OGAM launched a single strategy fund in 2011 to take advantage of banks’ continuing need to recapitalize their balance sheets following the financial crisis. OGAM is a global market leader in bank capital solutions having invested more than $2 billion (with referenced notional amount of more than $10 billion) with numerous systemically signifcant banks in eight countries over three continents since the fund’s inception. 

OGAM launched a structured lending fund in July 2014 that focuses on global primary illiquid credit investments. It is a co-investment opportunity with leading global bank originators of non-capital market investments/loans that provides customized financing solutions. Financing is secured by hard assets, contractual cash flows or other underlying collateral or security interests.

OGAM invests in North American and European CLO equity and mezzanine tranches through a segregated portfolio.  

Middle Market lending investment opportunities.  The post financial crisis regulatory framework has made it more challenging for banks to meet the financing needs of corporate borrowers, especially small and medium-sized companies.  OGAM believes there are opportunities to provide alternative sources of capital to qualified borrowers that offer attractive risk adjusted returns for investors. OGAM invests in middle market warehouses and CLOs and is in the process of creating a single strategy fund to pursue new investment opportunities focused on middle market borrowers, primarily in North America.